White & Red

I currently have musical in development, that I wrote the book, music and lyrics to, and which Stephen Sondheim invited me to play extracts of to him in his house in New York. It's being produced by Glass Half Full Productions and should be opening in Spring 2017.

Here's a recent demo of me playing a piano arrangement of the main tune from the show:

And this is Amy Lennox singing You men, from the end of the show (warning: strong language):

This is a short extract of a longer number in which the female lead uses her feminine charm to persuade her boyfriend's assistant not to murder the Emperor, as it would get in the way of their wedding:

And here's Gunnar Cauthery performing Please, Mr. Baron at my workshop last year (the character's in drag at this point):

If you've like to hear a really obscene song, I have a great video of John Hopkins performing a cut number at the same workshop which I've put on a hidden page on my site. I've since replaced it with a milder version, which has this as its main tune (this was recorded in haste, so is missing the last chorus and coda):

When Five Years Pass

Music I wrote for the Arcola's 2006 production of Lorca's When Five Years Pass (Time Out Critic's Choice).

Harlequin's Waltz:

Harlequin's Violin Music:


Child's Funeral March:

Mannequin (accompanies a scene in which a doll comes to life):

Mannequin (coda):